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"Well, if you want a beginners guide to the 70s with lots of pictures, my book is not so bad. It was part of the Decades series and it was published by Wayland in 1989. It's probably out of print anyway. Like Exit it was all a long time ago. ... It was a book written for teenagers / schoolchildren who were studying the 70s. Some text and lots of pictures! ... I'm not sure if the book was published in Germany but they used to have a copy in The British Council Library. I remember going in there shortly after moving to Berlin and feeling like a real "author" when I found a copy on their shelves."
(Michael Garrett, July 2009)

For a better legibillity the blurb again: Decades

The period from 1970 to 1979 was a time of uncertainty. The world oil crisis which began in 1973 led to the collapse of many businesses and brought large-scale unemployment. The future for young people looked far less secure than it had done in the previous decade; some expressed their disillusionment and anger through the startling music and fashions of the punk revolution. Meanwhile the Vietnam War ended, the women's movement gained increased support, and greater concern was shown for the environment.

THE SEVENTIES looks at this fascinating decade in a new way. The emphasis is on the style of the period and the social changes that took place, especially in those areas directly concerning young people - music, clothes, the media, leisure, youth culture and style. These are seen against the background of the decade's major historical, political and technological events.

Other titles in the Decades series: THE FIFTIES, THE SIXTIES, THE EIGHTIES

ISBN number: 1-85210-724-3

(Blurb: Michael Garrett The Seventies, 1989)
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