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Relevant Experience:

- 18 years teaching experience in Berlin including general English at all levels from beginners to advanced, business English and specialized business courses

- Extensive freelance experience working as an English teacher for several Berlin language schools and training institutes including: Inpäd, Akademie für Kultur und Bildung, The British Council, Seminar Zentrum Göttingen, Inlingua, Euroschule and Language Associates

- Preparing students for LCCI Examinations (Levels 1-4) and Cambridge Business Examinations (Preliminary and Vantage)

- Oral examiner for LCCI

- Co-teaching one and a half year German commercial foreign language qualification (Fremdsprachen-Kaufmann/frau) run by the IHK (Chamber of Commerce) in Berlin

- Devising and running tailor-made English courses for businesses in the Berlin/Brandenburg area including IT, media, marketing, advertising, insurance, banking and electronic companies

- Teaching English abroad: Institut Permbangunan, Surabaya, Indonesia, Oxford College, Antalya, Turkey

Selected Activities and Projects:

- Developing course content, planning lessons, motivating students using a variety of materials (written, audio, internet, graphics) and techniques including role-plays, group and pair-work, neumonics (memory training) and snowballing (group vocabulary learning)

LCCI Examinations:

- Business correspondence, memos, notices, articles, summaries, reports, preparing for oral exam

General Business English Courses:

- Telephoning, presentations, meetings, describing trends / changes, company structure and hierarchy, making arrangements, secretarial skills

Specialized Business Courses:

A-Company (film licensing and distribution):

- Business English for secretarial and office staff


- Business English as part of a Samsung-funded re-training course for redundant staff


- Specially designed English course for engineers and technicians focusing on mobile phone technology and features

Document Company Xerox:

- Business English course for staff in the HR department


- 1 to 1 lessons with Managing Director of Berlin branch focussing on presentations, meetings, trends and developments in the insurance industry

Costa (Catering):

- Devised separate courses for management and kitchen staff

Institut für Marketing und Kommunikation (IMK):

- Teaching German marketing students in preparation for 6 month study at the Miami Ad School in Florida, USA

Vaporisateur (Advertising Agency):

- Advertising and marketing English for creatives and account managers

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