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Exit Members:

Exit began in London at the end of 1970s and was formed with Michael Garrett (vocals), Jim Edwards (keyboards), Andy Bloom (guitar), Nick Cathcart Jones † (bass) and Pete Banham † (drums). In 1979 Exit got a recording deal with RCA Records.
"I remember the day we signed to RCA. We all went up to their offices in London in a stretch-limo. Bill Kimber, the Head of A&R swept us into his office, toasted us with champagne and said: "Welcome to RCA boys - sign here!" He then handed over a large cheque which was for more money than I had ever seen in my life and more money than my father earned in twenty years. On the way out, one of us stole one of (the many) David Bowie's gold discs that was hanging in the corridor. He put it under his coat and we walked out. He hung it in his toilet. I was 23 at the time and I felt that stardom was just round the corner. In two years the money was gone - we really got hooked into the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll thing! In three years stardom was a distant memory and I was getting to band rehearsals by bus."
(Michael Garrett, June 2009)

The Exit Story:

It would released four singles: On the Level, Fool for Fashion (Top 50 "hit") and Nobody to Blame in 1980 and Death or Glory Boys in 1981. At the same year the band name changed in The Meccanos.

The band toured extensively in the UK and Europe as a support band for, among others: Denny Laine (Paul McCartney and Wings), Les McKewan (Bay City Rollers), The Troggs, The Fixx.

It would recorded an album too with Colin Thurston who went on to work with some big hitters including David Bowie and Duran Duran. The album was never released.

In 1981 Michael left the band to work on other projects and the band broke up.

"Exit started off with a bang but ended as most bands do. Pissed off, arguing, no money and the feeling that if things had gone differently and we'd had a bit of luck, we would be huge stars by now. Possible, but I doubt it. For every successful band there are thousands of unsuccessful ones. Capitalism in action. At the end of the day we were young, talented and arrogant ok as far as it goes, but you need something extra to build a career and we didn't have it."
(Michael Garrett, February 2009)
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